At The Opportunity Hub UK we use technology to connect people with great new career opportunities. We provide a platform for people to introduce themselves and let employers know what sort of opportunities they are looking for. We’re on a mission to make finding the right role for you, a smoother and easier process. The OHUB platform provides you with the opportunity to bring your CV to life. We welcome people from all identities to join our platform. We’re not just committed to being an equal opportunity employer, we actively celebrate diversity in all its forms by giving you the opportunity to showcase your personality, interests and experiences directly with employers. Create your video profile with us today and get connected with employers all over the UK. If you’re looking to fill an opportunity or looking for a job, please get in touch!

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Where the story began…

It all began in college, where we forged a friendship built on a shared passion for success and a drive to make a difference. Over the years, we’ve navigated different career paths and explored various industries across the UK. Though our journeys may have varied, our values and experiences have always remained aligned.

With a combined experience of over three decades in operations and team building, we’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge in areas such as PR & Advertising, Healthcare, Catering, Tech Start-ups, Leisure, Retail, and Warehouse & Logistics. This has given us a deep understanding of the employment landscape and the needs of both employers and job seekers.

Then came 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic. As job losses mounted and motivation waned, we knew we had to take action. We envisioned a platform that would help companies build world-class teams, while also supporting individuals in finding the perfect job match. And thus, The Opportunity Hub (The OHUB) was born.

The OHUB is a revolutionary hiring platform that connects employers with the best candidates, and job seekers with the right opportunities, no matter their background or industry. We’re here to help driven and motivated individuals get noticed and reach their full potential. So join us and discover a world of opportunities waiting to be explored!

Life at The OHub

Welcome to the exciting world of start-ups where every day is a thrilling adventure! We have a burning passion for helping people connect with incredible opportunities with ease. Our team is a dynamic bunch, always pushing the boundaries and working tirelessly to create the best products and services possible. We’re all about teamwork and collaboration and we’re not afraid to have some fun! That’s why we make sure to invest a portion of our profits into our team kitty, where we democratically decide on how to spend it on staff entertainment and team-building activities.


Are you a superstar in the making? Do you have a unique drive and personality that sets you apart? Then we want YOU to join our dynamic team! We’re on the lookout for amazing new talent to help us navigate the wild world of start-ups and become our future leaders. We believe in embracing our differences and valuing individuality, so if you have a zest for life, a never-give-up attitude, and a burning desire to succeed, we want to hear from you! In return, we promise to provide you with an exciting career progression, endless opportunities for growth, and a clear path to success. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and let’s make big things happen together!

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