I’m looking for a new job opportunity.

Log in to your candidate account, use the search bar to enter job titles, keywords, and locations, and browse the available job listings.

Your profile remains active as long as you maintain your account. You can update or deactivate it at any time.

Yes, the OHUB team will notify you if there is an opportunity that matches your tags, you can edit these tags on your profile to better match your needs and learn about new job postings that match your criteria.

Yes, you can update your email address in the account settings section of your profile.

Your job status will update as soon as we have an update on the opportunity for you.

Yes, you can save job searches and specific job postings to your favourites for easy access later.

Yes, you can edit your profile information at any time by logging into your account and navigating to the 'Profile' section.

While it is not mandatory, a photo helps personalise your profile and can make a positive impression on potential employers.

The video introduction is not compulsory however we do encourage video introductions to give each applicant the opportunity to introduce themselves and bring their CV to life. At The Ohub we actively celebrate diversity in all its forms by giving you the opportunity to showcase your personality, interests and experiences directly with employers.

Not only have we found that you are 70% more likely to get an interview if the employer feels as if they have met you already, but we have found that CVs alone are often rejected at first glance by employers due things such as small grammatical errors, dislike of format and a catalogue of other reasons including filters to block out AI generated CVs. We welcome people from all identities to join the Opportunity Hub.

I’m looking to hire talent.

Log in to your employer account, navigate to your employer dashboard, select "Add a new Job" Choose a tailored service plan for your company. Fill out your opportunity specification online and post it live to the OHUB.

For a one off On-Demand Advert, it costs £500 per job posting for 28 days. Other service options vary; please refer to our Pricing page for details.

Standard job ads stay live for 28 days. HaaS adverts remain live until you close them.

Yes, you can edit your job ad at any time by logging into your account and navigating to the 'My Job Ads' section.

Use our candidate search tool by entering specific keywords, job titles, and other criteria to find suitable candidates.

Yes, you can expire a job posting by selecting the 'Expire' option in the job management section of your account.

Yes, you can repost a closed job posting by navigating to your expired jobs and selecting the 'Repost' option.

In addition to candidates applying to your opportunity through spotting it on the job board, you can invite up to 50 candidates per role to apply to the role. The OHUB team will reach out to them and encourage them to apply.

Optimise your job titles, use clear and engaging descriptions, and consider using our premium placement options to boost visibility.

Yes, you can track and manage applicants through our applicant tracking system, allowing you to sort, rate, and communicate with candidates.

Candidates who apply to your job postings will appear in your account dashboard. You can view their profiles, resumes, and any submitted videos.